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Feature: #kb-j Sort search results by relevancy. (3)

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    • DmitrySh

    The output of the search presents me with a list of items from my dictionary sorted alphabetically after the title, which makes more output and it is not cost effective with large databases and many visitors since you have to scroll and find the word you were looking for. — Daniel Braileanu (#kb-g)

    • DmitrySh

    There is no sorting "by relevancy" in Joomla. Available sorting orders are "Newest First, Oldest First, Most Popular, Alphabetical, Section/Category". Glossword sorts the search results in these orders only.

    • DmitrySh

    I can't change the list of sorting orders in Joomla, but I can change the way how Glossword makes search using Joomla's parameters.

    I've found that I can replace sorting order "Section/Category" with sorting "by relevancy".

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