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What's happening?

1 New stand-alone version 1.8.12 has been released #dl-n
2 Actual source code is hosted on GitHub https://github.com/glosswordteam/Glossword
3 Fan Page added http://www.facebook.com/glossword
4 Coming soon Glossword Update Client/Server
5 Added maintenance task "Remove duplicate terms". #kb-G
6 Changed the way how a default language works. #kb-k
7 The new site has been opened http://glossword.biz/. It took 2 months of coding and years of experience. It replaces 8 online services.
8 A file name were added to error message when importing incorrect file format for CSV.
9 Search results are sorted using a native MySQL relevancy algorithm.
10 Added the possibility to search in terms (by default) and in definitions separately. #kb-h
11 "View term" page shows multiple duplicate terms at a one page.
12 Added two languages — Romanian and Portuguese #dl-7
13 Bugfix-only version has been released http://tkit.info/2
14 Fixed installation error for non-default database prefixes.
15 Fixes for Editing system settings page.
16 Added page number when switching a translation source.
17 Fixed a default Language ID when importing a translation variants.
18 New glossword 1.9.3 released http://tkit.info/2 Features a custom alphabetic order. What's new http://tkit.info/3
19 Added a new column "Locale" on the Management interface languages page.
20 Fixes for Editing system settings page.