What is Glossword Update Client/Server?

Glossword Update Client/Server helps people keep their files updated on a local (or a remote) server. The software provides functionality to update all of changed files at once in a few clicks.


version 1 not released yet


What are requirements to install Glossword Update Client?

Recommended environment for Client:

  • Web server (Apache, IIS or other).
  • Browser with HTML5 support (Opera 10+, Google Chrome 5+, Safari 5+).
  • PHP version 5.3.x, mySQLi extension.
  • Database MySQL version 5.1+ with enabled InnoDB.
  • SSD (Solid Disk Drive).
How to install Glossword Update Client?
  1. Download the package glossword-update-client-X.zip where X is version number (for example, glossword-update-client-23.zip).

  2. Extract all files.

  3. Upload glossword-update-client-setup.sql to database.

  4. Configure settings in upd_client_config.php or upd_client_config.local.php for localhosts.

Included settings for Glossword WAMP (upd_client_config.local.php):

  1. <?php
  2. /* Installation settings */
  3. $this->set( 'server_proto', 'http://' );
  4. $this->set( 'server_host', '' );
  5. $this->set( 'server_dir', '/glossword_update_client' );
  6. $this->set( 'cdn_server_proto', 'http://' );
  7. $this->set( 'cdn_server_host', '' );
  8. $this->set( 'cdn_server_dir', '/glossword_update_client' );
  9. /* Database settings */
  10. $this->set( 'db_host', 'localhost' );
  11. $this->set( 'db_port', '3307' );
  12. $this->set( 'db_name', 'glossword_update_client' );
  13. $this->set( 'db_user', 'root' );
  14. $this->set( 'db_pass', 'root' );
  15. $this->set( 'db_driver', 'mysqli' );
  16. $this->set( 'db_prefix', 'updc_' );
  17. ?>
How to update Glossword Update Client?
  1. Login into your Glossword Update Client administration area.

  2. Follow "Projects -> Select a project -> Glossword Update Client".

  3. Configure folder name.

  4. Press "Receive Updates".

What is the difference between Client and Server?

Glossword Update Server hosts project files.

Glossword Update Client allows to receive updates.

Glossword Update Client Pro allows to send and receive updates.

How to donate?

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