What is Glossword WAMP?

Glossword WAMP is the package of the most popular programs which turns your desktop computer into web server. You need it if you wish to install Glossword or other PHP-scripts on MS Windows systems.

WAMP stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP.


version 2.2.9/5.1.26/5.3.0-dev July 16, 2008

Download SourceForge.net

Includes database administration tool - phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin login: root
phpMyAdmin password: root


What are requirements to install Glossword WAMP?
  1. MS Windows 2000/XP/2003.
  2. Permission to installl services.
  3. ~36 megabytes of disk space.
How to install Glossword WAMP?
  1. Download the package glossword-wamp-X.exe where X is version number (for example, glossword-wamp-229-5125-530dev.exe).
  2. Double click on file to start installation process.
  3. Follow (a few) screen instructions.
  4. Glossword-WAMP group should be created under Programs menu item.
How to update Glossword WAMP?
  1. Uninstall the current Glossword WAMP version. Uninstaller included. Uninstaller keeps folders with your data Glossword-WAMP/htdocs/ (HTML-files) and Glossword-WAMP/usr/local/mysql5/data/ (database files).

  2. Download and install new version.

  3. Update database tables:

    Glossword-WAMP/mysql5/bin/mysql_upgrade.exe -uroot -p

    Tools myisamchk.exe and mysql_upgrade.exe are included.

What applications are supported?

Glossword WAMP has been successfully tested with the following applications:

  1. Bitrix 5.9, 6.x
  2. Drupal 5, 6
  3. Eventum
  4. Joomla 1.x, 1.5.x
  5. mediawiki
  6. Moodle
  7. phpBB 2.x, 3.x
  8. VBulletin Board
  9. Wordpress
What PHP-extenstion Glossword WAMP include?

Default PHP modules:

  1. php_curl.dll
  2. php_gd2.dll
  3. php_mbstring.dll
  4. php_mssql.dll
  5. php_mysql.dll
  6. php_mysqli.dll
  7. php_openssl.dll
  8. php_pdo.dll
  9. php_pdo_mssql.dll
  10. php_pdo_mysql.dll
  11. php_sockets.dll
  12. php_xmlrpc.dll
  13. php_zip.dll

Additional PHP modules:

  1. php_id3.dll
  2. php_memcache.dll
  3. php_uploadprogress.dll
What is login and password for MySQL?

MySQL login: root
MySQL password: root

MySQL runs on port 3307. To change port number, see Glossword-WAMP/usr/local/mysql5/bin/my-custom.cnf.

How to change MySQL password?

Glossword-WAMP/mysql5/bin/mysqladmin.exe password yourpassword -uroot -proot
Password will be changed to yourpassword.

How to donate?

Use Yandex.Money. Wallet: 41001147962081.

Use WesternUnion money transfers.

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