What is Glossword Checker?

Glossword Checker is a unified system written in PHP to help end-users and web-developers check if a server configuration meets the requirements for running specific PHP-applications.

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version 1.2 July 20, 2008

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July 20, 2008

Version 1.2 released. This version features the support for MediaWiki, Moodle, VBulletin, and Wordpress. A Spanish translation was added.

June 27, 2008

Version 1.1 released. This version features support for the PHP applications Joomla and PHPBB. Some usability improvements were made.

June 21, 2008

Version 1.0 released. This is the first usable version. It features one visual theme, English and Russian interface languages, and a configuration file for one application.


What do I need to check the requirements?
  1. Install Glossword Checker.
  2. Upload configuration XML-file.
  3. Run Glossword Checker.
What are requirements to install Glossword Checker?
  1. Any web-server which supports PHP (as CGI or module).
  2. Any modern PHP-version, 5.2.x would be ok.
How to install Glossword Checker?
  1. Download the package glosswordreq-X.Y where X is version number and Y could be zip, 7z, .tar.bz2 (for example, glosswordreq-1.1.zip).
  2. Extract the package to your computer.
  3. Upload the contents of folder /upload to your web-server (for example, /public_html/gwreqcheck/.
  4. Open in browser http://your domain name/gwreqcheck/index.php).
What applications are supported?

version 1.0 only Glossword is supported.

version 1.1 Joomla 1.5 and PHPBB3 are partially supported.

version 1.2 MediaWiki 1.12.0, Moodle 1.9.2, VBulletin 3.7.2, and Wordpress 2.6 are partially supported.

Can Glossword Checker check requirements for my software?

Yes. You need to create a configuration file and put it into /xml folder). See examples inside distribution package. More documentation coming soon.

Does Glossword Checker support multiple interface languages?

Yes, it does. English and Russian are available by default. More languages can be added.

What is shorthand for Glossword Checker?

glosswordreq or gwreqcheck.

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